Everything you need to know about Website redesigning

Everything you need to know about Website redesigning

Does one quick look at your website induce a strange type of feeling? Do you think that the design seems outdated and you just wished it would re-develop on its own? Well, you’re not alone. Revamp company’s website as according to a market report more than 70% of the entrepreneurs in the small to medium organization structure think that their websites does not match the professional standards they are currently working in.

It might be possible that while you were creating your website for the first time you were low on resources and thus decided to go with an inexpensive option. But now with your progress in the industry and better availability of resources, you feel that the website should look more aesthetic and professional so that it can increase user interaction and also result in developing new leads. It is witnessed that changing the look and feel of your existing websites proves extremely helpful in increasing traffic. Redesigning of websites is an important process as any business cannot survive for a long time in the market without changing the look and feel of the products. Every major business company in the world has at least once redesigned their products and services to match the ongoing user requirement trends. Re-designing company websites and brand logos proves to be beneficial as the existing goodwill of the company gets a makeover and it tells the end-user that the company is active in its domain.

For redesigning a website successfully you must possess an actual website layout or a plan according to which the redesigning would be completed. You need to find the objectives of your organization which have changed with times so that the corresponding web elements on your website checklist can be re-designed. There can never be a single strategy using which multiple business organizations manage to reap benefits. Every organization has its unique methods and procedures to attract customers and hence the plan for redesigning would surely be unique for different companies.

Here given are Eight points you should keep in mind while you plan on re-designing your website. The below mentioned facts could be taken as a source of inspiration for your next redesigning project–

  1. First you need to analyze your current website and make a list of all the elements you think of redesigning as without an organized approach the process would be a challenging one. Measuring your website’s true potential helps in achieving an alternative that best suits your requirements.
  1. There should be a concrete reason behind redesigning your website. You should consider every possible logic as to why an already created website should be further given a new look and feel as it would require some extra effort. Example reasons could be to enhance brand awareness or to increase customer loyalty.
  2. Know about the users on your website and try to develop a plan while keeping their benefits in mind. As one of the reasons to change your website’s design and layout is ultimately to attract newer visitors and offer them a responsive application like website which helps in extracting information easily. You should be aware about the base of users which frequently visit your website and spend some time there looking for their required details.
  1. Never ignore the competition which you have. You need to thoroughly study your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses as it would enable you in creating a unique strategy which users might not find anyplace else. You wish to upgrade your site as it has turned non profitable which means that the business is going someplace else- that is to your competitors. You need to use a competitive analysis worksheet which will analyze the competition that you have and in return will give you an unbiased perspective of the competition present in the industry.
  1. Be diverse when offering solutions as it can help you achieve superiority over your competitors and can be beneficial for your business needs. While redesigning, an opportunity is presented to you for adding any new features or services which might be offered in the newer version of your website.
  1. Optimize your content for mobile devices and tablets. With changing times, the internet industry has seen tremendous changes in user behavior and the way they interact with the screen elements. One major change which is seen would be the increased usage of portable devices to access internet. The portion of users who use a mobile phone to use internet has risen over the years and is almost surpassing desktop computer users. You should plan on redesigning your website so that it can be made more mobile friendly and can show your company’s details even in smaller screens than those of the computers.
  1. Create a list of all the functional requirements which must be present on the new version of the website. Think of all the screen elements which would help you in bringing in more customers and also would help you in making your brand more popular. Some features and options might be absent from your site currently which generally increase user engagement like – newsletters, login options for users or integrating various social networks with your website’s content so that the website’s reach could be increased.
  1. Be smart when deciding the total time required for completing and the budget which would be invested in making the changes to the website. Re-designing a website is a crucial part in generating more income from your business and also in making more people aware about your brand, while implementing the strategy which has been created you should be careful that too much resources are not put at stake. Always make it a habit to complete your tasks under some set deadline as it helps in maintaining productivity.




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