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Which is more beneficial for your business - SEO vs PPC

Which is more beneficial for your business – SEO vs PPC

This has been a progressing debate throughout recent years. Which is better, just purchasing your way to the top result of the search engines through a Pay per click (PPC) campaigning or a search engine marketing tool – developing your natural (or regular) search engine marketing strategy tool through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Choosing where your digital promotion money ought to go is a troublesome choice for some entrepreneurs and the choice among SEO and PPC...

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8 Design related terms which hold high significance when creating amazing content and websites

The fact is apparent that the web designing world is changing at a  rapid pace, and for the most part, it is actually expanding at the speed of light if not less. However, as the lines separating the real world from the digital world start blurring, there are several design related terms which have spanned through the divide. These old school terms still hold immense importance in bringing classic designing into the...

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