Five strong tips on maintaining data safety while shopping online

Five strong tips on maintaining data safety while shopping online

Regardless of whether you’re shopping online for any holiday deals, or simply hoping to keep away from the madness at the local shopping center, shopping online securely can  surely turn out to be a test, particularly in situations when you tend to stray from well established E-commerce websites for the sake of bargain to a lesser known website.Most of the people using Internet based services are unaware of the fact that a few online sellers exchange the customer’s personal data and purchasing trends with other crucial data to statistical surveying organizations, telemarketers and sometimes to spam callers as well.
Always ensure before clicking any link and make a check on the website’s privacy policy as it clearly contains the terms and policies of a company which need to be followed by a customer. Majorly it is witnessed that buyers click on the “I have read and agreed to the terms” button and resume with their shopping. A good alternative to such a situation could be setting up an entirely new Email ID only for the purposes of shopping and ordering online as any promotional mails and advertisement content would not be shared to your profile.

Theft of Personal information has turned out to be quite a devastating problem in the modern times. Passwords are the most important piece of personal data followed by purchase history and payment details which are being actively targeted in recent times.

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Here given are Five security tips which would help you in enabling concrete safety of your personal information while shopping on web and mobile applications :

1.Check the seller’s customer satisfaction ratings – Another individual visitor’s encounters with the dealer that you are thinking about are a great way to check what’s actually in store for you. You can easily search for any brand or website’s review on the Internet where previous users of that website provide feedback about its response and services and usually give out a rating our of five.

2.Refrain from entering credit card information on a web page without safety encryption – When utilizing the digital checkout procedure of any E-commerce site, always make it sure that the web address has “HTTPS” in the starting rather than “HTTP.” Https guarantees that the link which you are utilizing has an encoded interchanging way to transmit your credit data details securely to the dealer’s server. This guarantees that your vital bank and financial data is not being spied upon by unauthorized individuals.

3. Always avoid opening attachments sent through E-mail and clicking on suspicious links – Internet con artists can frequently utilize a strategy called cross-webpage scripting to make a hyperlink that has all the superficial elements of being the genuine vendor website yet what it really does is transfer your Visa card data to the scammer. Unless you can confirm that a coupon has been originated from the real merchant’s site and meant for you, never click on it.

Go directly to a seller’s real site rather than clicking a “coupon” link that was sent to you by an unknown source. Ensure the legibility of any link received on Email sent under the name of promotional content.

4.If you are placing your order from a shared computer, log out of the shopping site  – This appears like an easy decision, just remember in the event that you’re utilizing a public machine, confirm that you have logged out of the website and make it a habit to delete the browser’s page cache, cookies and history then and there. This would make it sure that your information is not given in the hands of people who shouldn’t be accessing your bank account using your card details and personal information.

5.Check out the seller’s return, refund, exchange, and shipping policies – Read all the mentioned details in a website’s policy section, generally it can be seen that there would be all different types of policy documents uploaded. Be careful with agreeing on terms such as sharing of your personal information for third party applications and services, it is the most progressing trend in the market currently. If you wish that your information stays out of unwanted access and manipulation make it sure that you have gone through the website’s complete policy stating the terms.
There are various other factors which should be checked prior to carrying out any Internet shopping activitiy as they ensure that our personal information and private details related to the bank are not disclosed to individuals with wrong intentions. Always make it sure that you are following these tips given above so that your personal details are secure online.


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