Six Internet based comic strips which should be there in your weekly reading list

Six Internet based comic strips which should be there in your weekly reading list

Our world has advanced at a rapid pace and people living in this age seldom get time to relax for a bit and rest their brain cells, everyone is just racing towards fulfilling their goals and desires. We as humans tend to break under pressure and our body and its metabolism start to show symptoms of fatigue when we overuse the resources.
It is often witnessed that employees working in the technology industry undergo a lot of stress as they have to complete tasks under strict schedule and have to follow set guidelines. Taking too much stress at your workplace is not beneficial for your mental health and it could show adverse effects later in your life. Proper time management should be followed in which separate time is dedicated towards relaxing and thinking about something not connected to work as it helps in refreshing the state of mind and keeps you motivated for the work which is to be completed later.


Here is a list of Six such comic series which are based on the themes of Internet and technology, so the content is usually interesting and according to the modern times . Read these comic strips and try to stop yourself  from laughing . Free your mind of all the unnecessary tension and cool down for a bit so that the next task to be completed by you could be done efficiently and in less time.



Dilbert is probably one of the most popular comic series in the world and it has a lot of readers which also include some well-known Hollywood celebrities. The character of Dilbert could be visualised as any common employee of the IT industry who has to undergo a lot of situations at the workplace. What makes this comic strip so popular is the slapstick comedy tone and quirky graphics.

Dilbert is most famous for his upward facing tie which he wears when he is present in the office.


Geek & Poke

Geek & Poke is a perfect example of minimalist humor as it rarely contains any colour which is in contrast with white. It has very neatly drawn pictures which usually contain very less dialogues.
That is the most unique feature of this comic strip, it makes the reader laugh by using very little or sometimes no text at all.


The Joy of Tech

This is probably one of those comics on the Internet which has to offer some good quality content with more emphasis on images and quotes rather than using the old method of characters and dialogue. The joy of tech could be seen as the most relatable comic strip as it contains situations and characters which are directly inspired from real life examples.
The comic gives the reader a feeling of being personally connected to the storyline which is shown using images and humorous text. The comic strip is based on more advanced topics and subjects which are not generally seen in other alternatives given in this list.


The PC Weenies

This one is a creation of Krishna M. Sadasivam and it contains modern looking images and has text which is based on slapstick genre of comedy. The comic series has been able to make a name for itself in quite less time and now has a huge base of readers who actively visit the website to get a dose of funny tech world related comics.



This has to be one of the most weirdly named comic strips because of the fact that it has got nothing to do with either a dog or a house. The comic uses hand drawn graphics and never has any kind of color inside it. The dialogues between the characters are shown using simple text, but what makes this comic worth mentioning is the humor filled conditions which are depicted in them.
This comic is probably created using the least possible resources but it has got a very large reader base in comparison to other technology based comics.designagencydelhi


Extralife is a daily updated comic strip which is not based on certain characters or figures, it contains storylines which keep on changing and newer topics are selected everyday. The comic is created using good quality images which have color in them. It is usually seen that this comic strip is more preferred within mature readers due to the content which is used in the comic strip.


These comic strips mentioned here are only few of all the available over the Internet.  Read these comic strips when you feel too much stress while working or when you have been constantly working on one thing only, give your mind a fresh start by reading these comics based on technology and Internet.
If  you wish to keep on reading them, then subscribe to the comics using your E-mail ID and get them delivered at your inbox.


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