Things happening under one minute on the Internet

Things happening under one minute on the Internet

The Internet has grown from being a tool for connecting distantly situated nodes to a more user oriented platform for projecting business ideas to prospective clients. The social media community has been growing ever since 2006 and it has not witnessed any downfall, not at least of a major kind. Everyday we can see a lot of fresh and creative content being uploaded on the social media which are then promoted using different websites and mobile applications.
According to a research study being conducted by a Dubai based marketing company Go-Globe, nearly 29 million messages are being processed each minute on Whatsapp out of which 1 million are photos and remaining are a mixture of text and video messages. Now, that is a staggering amount. Such is the case with Youtube , there statistic conveys that around 700,000 hours worth of videos are watched every single minute.


We know the Internet has been acting as the most preferred medium of conveying information and that is the reason it witnesses user activity of such a high magnitude. With the advancement in the marketing field, people started to understand the importance of digital marketing and branding on the digital medium. One minute of Internet is a lot of data being transferred from servers to requesting nodes. Google Search, the most widely preferred search engine in the world processes around 3.5 million searches under one minute and the company’s servers function without stopping for a single moment, that is something really difficult to achieve.

Below is the interesting Infographic which tells in detail about the activities which are being done on the Internet in 60 seconds. This is a direct indicator of the power of social media and how it has impacted the lives of common people.


Things that happen on Internet Every 60 Seconds 2017 Statistics
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The Digital world is ever increasing and the users associated with this medium are surely to stay there for a while. The Internet has been accepted as the de facto standard according to the current times for carrying out business activities and for implementing marketing strategies. Social Media can act as a huge booster for any company’s reach amongst the targeted people and can also increase the profit output.

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