7 Points to remember while writing an email

7 Points to remember while writing an email

Email is an outstanding creation that enables us to connect with our contacts. Let it be friends and family or colleagues and people who are trying to sell us magical health equipments. It is an amazing tool which helps us receive our bill payments confirmation to chain letters forwarded by our not so close family members. With the rise of Facebook (promotions) and other social media (promotions) channels, a big portion of the messages we send and receive has moved to other platforms, hence leaving emails to be the current day homing pigeons of one’s more serious issues.

With such increasing growth we thought it’s significant to share our list of the top 7 email mistakes you simply MUST avoid. Make sure that you keep this list in mind while writing your next mistake free email.

1. Forgetting attachments – This is one of the most embarrassing error which one could make. Forgetting attachments is considered highly unprofessional. Oh, and don’t try to recover with a ridiculous joke when you are sending the second file carrying the attachment.

2.   Sending to the wrong recipient – Sending the email to the wrong recipients usually creates unrest in the office compounds. Sending the email to incorrect recipient is one of the highly unprofessional mistakes one could make and there is no overcoming from it.

3.   Choosing a bad subject line – Choosing the subject of your email is a critical task. With so many emails landing and going out of your inbox it is very essential to decide the subject line wisely, so that the sender and receiver can understand “what’s the email about” and will be able to search the inbox easily after a couple of days and the email is easy to track down.

4.   Using the wrong writing tone – Writing tone of the email is very essential in order to maintain the relationship with the recipient of the email. You can compare your writing tone with your voice tone, it gives the same impression. It is advised to be humble, gentle and gracious with your writing tone.

5.   Replying to all (all the time) – This can be disastrous at times. Replying to all at the same time usually send the information to a few unauthorized recipients creating a negative impression. For example, a company is working on a project and is facing a few difficulties in the same and higher management decides to discuss the issue within the other higher management but reply to all sends the email to everyone in the list creating the unrest.

6.   Neglecting your signature – A few people think signatures are not that important part of an email, but it is. Its is advised for everyone to have a clean, simple and sober signature. This tells the recipient about the sender and creates a professional look to the email.

7.   Starting with To Whom It May Concern – A lot of people while sending an email starts with “To Whomsoever It May Concern” which isn’t a nice and a professional way to start an email. It is considered as an inappropriate writing tone (refer to point


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